Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuxedo, aka "Knuckles" presuming to make himself to home on MY chair!

Knuckles, as my Person calls him, is shortly, unfortunately, likely to be picked up by Animal Control. No one seems to know who he belongs to and he has been making himself "to home" in a number of the houses around. He comes into My house to avail himself of catnip. Unfortunately, he is an "outdoor cat" and has raised the ire of one of my doltish neighbours who blames him for getting into her garbage. Since he is very well fed and has more than ample access to catfood (although food is always out for Me, he hardly ever touches it, so I very much doubt he is tearing open garbage bags in order to steal food), I think it far more likely that it is a racoon and not My dear little friend. Anyhow, Knuckles and I seem to tolerate each other and We and Pippin (The Interloper) are now fast friends.
There are times when, rather than calling Animal Control, you could call People Control....

Pippin (The Interloper) helping himself to MY catnip! That's me in the background planning my revenge... One day.... One day... when you least expect it!....

Me, again. Note the disbelief at seeing not one Interloper, but TWO Interlopers in my own house! Of all the indignities! I shall glare pointedly at my Person for an entire evening for this!
My Person SAYS that this is what happens when, in my Houdini guise, I escape and they have to leave the back door open for me to come in.... Frankly, I think it is their own fault for not stadnding by the door awaiting my desire to re-enter. Imagine?!?!?


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