Thursday, September 02, 2004


Tonight, I was hissified to find a cat wandering through MY domain! I was beside myself and for quite some time after my Person chased it off, I was looking out the patio doors trying to see if it came back.
My Person said that it had come from two doors down and belongs to the big Boxer named Cassius. I care not where it came from! I just don't want it in MY yard!
This morning, my Person was trying to track down a bad smell and found two very dead mice in the live-trap under the sink. She said to me that this wouldn't happen if I would take the least bit of interest in doing what cats are supposed to do naturally and catch the mice. I just glared at her and said "Why should I catch mice when you have a perfectly good trap under the sink to do it?" I mean, REALLY! What WAS she thinking?


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